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October 31, 2008 |

iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Inc. and launched on October 23, 2001. As of 2008, the product line-up includes the hard drive-based iPod Classic, the touchscreen iPod Touch, the video-capable iPod Nano, the screenless iPod Shuffle and the iPhone. Former products include the compact iPod Mini and the spin-off iPod Photo (since reintegrated into the main iPod Classic line). iPod Classic models store media on an internal hard drive, while all other models use flash memory to enable their smaller size (the discontinued Mini used a Microdrive miniature hard drive). As with many other digital music players, iPods, excluding the iPod Touch, can also serve as external data storage devices. Storage capacity varies by model.

Apple's iTunes software can be used to transfer music to the devices from computers using certain versions of Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems.[2] For users who choose not to use Apple's software or whose computers cannot run iTunes software, several open source alternatives to iTunes are also available.[3] iTunes and its alternatives may also transfer photos, videos, games, contact information, e-mail settings, Web bookmarks, and calendars to iPod models supporting those features. Apple focused its development on the iPod line's unique user interface and its ease of use, rather than on technical capability. As of September 2007, more than 150 million iPods had been sold worldwide, making it the best-selling digital audio player series in history.[4]

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How to Convert DVD to IPod


With Apple iPods becoming widely available, iPod owners keep asking how to convert DVD to iPod. This article reviews Aimersoft DVD to iPod Converter software which helps you easily achieve just that: convert your DVD movies for smooth playback on iPod classic, touch or nano.

Aimersoft DVD to iPod Converter lets you easily rip any kind of DVD to a 100% compatible iPod video format. The resulting video file will be playable on any iPod model, including iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, etc. Plus, DVD to iPod Converter includes a powerful iPod file transfer manager. This utility allows you to directly copy music, videos, and TV shows from iPod to PC without using Apple iTunes.

Here's a quick rundown of top 5 features included in Aimersoft DVD to iPod Converter:

1. Optimized for picture quality. This software converts DVD movies to iPod video formats such as MP4, MPEG-4 and M4V while preserving excellent picture quality. The maximum supported video resolution is 640x480, which means the movie will look excellent even on the latest iPod models.

2. Optimized for speed. The software fully supports dual-core and multi-threading, which means the conversion speed is very fast, especially if you have a newer PC running XP or Vista.

3. Rips audio from DVDs. DVD to iPod Converter can extract audio streams from your DVD, and save them as iPod-compatible audio, so you can enjoy your movie soundtracks on your iPod on-the-go.

4. Very easy to use. Aimersoft DVD to iPod ripper is very intuitive and straightforward, so even if you've never ripped DVDs in your whole life, you'll have no trouble using it.

5. High level of customization. The software lets you convert DVDs to iPod videos with custom video size, frame rate, and bit rate. You can also choose your own audio language and subtitle track, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and other things.

There's actually a lot more to this DVD to iPod Converter software than this article covers. For a complete review, as well as for Aimersoft discount coupons (35% OFF), be sure to visit Chris' site today.

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